Jobs, Unions and Our Environment


We’ve lost Kmart in East Stroudsburg this year and most of the manufacturing facilities that were once full of workers have shuttered. Pike County has experienced similar losses in manufacturing and production jobs in recent years. The incumbent promised better paying jobs when she ran eight years ago, and we are still waiting. We can't count on her to raise the minimum wage, because she doesn't believe in "mandates" on business. Does she believe in your bills?

As of October 2017, Monroe County’s unemployment rate is 5.5% [1] while the state average is 4.7%. Pike County has unemployment at 5.6% [2].

Veterans in both counties are doing worse with unemployment rates of 8.9% and 8.6%, respectively.

The incumbent currently sits on the House Veterans’ Affairs committee. I’ll let you decide. The legislative majority in Harrisburg have done nothing to grow our economy, leaving the 189th District with few jobs.

I want to create a Pennsylvania Summer Youth Employment Program for statewide high school juniors and seniors to test drive their potential chosen professions, or possibly find a potential career they will enjoy and prosper in. This will also give them an early start at financial responsibility and encourage use of the banking system and budgeting. Employers of large and small businesses would be eligible for annual tax credits based upon their participation in the program.

I also want to support any small businesses that can increase their workforce with tax subsidies that would come in part from the tax revenue ideas I support.

Lastly, our children are the future and many of them do not wish to work in corporate America. So many of our young people choose to live and work locally, and I want to support their dreams. I want to work with the states’ Small Business Development Center and local school districts/community colleges to create a program that will give students in vocational and trade schools the tools to help them make their dreams of entrepreneurship come true.

If elected, I will work to make these employment goals a reality for my neighbors in the 189th district, and let our children dare to dream BIG.






Workers deserve representation!

If corporations are people, that makes every working decision maker in their home a CEO and a CFO-which means they should be able to negotiate their salaries, benefits, bonuses and a golden parachute, also known as a pension!

Every worker in America deserves a union that fights for them the same way the NRA fights for gun manufacturers!

People are tired of working 40-60 hours a week at two and three part-time jobs and still can’t pay their bills only to be told they’re lazy and don’t work hard enough. The devil is a lie! We are going to raise that minimum wage.

We have to stop falling for the mind trick that the almighty job creator knows what’s best for you and your family and accept what crumbs we receive. We have to stop believing legislators who tell us that they don’t believe in mandates to raise pay and provide reasonable benefits for employees, but they believe in 10 year tax abatements for businesses. Then, when it’s time to pay their taxes they’ve got loopholes to keep avoid paying them. We are getting the shaft and our legislators are holding the shaft door open.

It’s time for change.

Part of the responsibility of government is to make sure its citizens are protected under the law. A law of $7.25 an hour isn’t protecting you or your family. Right to work laws aren’t protecting you and your family.  

If your legislator isn’t changing things to make your family better, you need to change your legislator.



Our Environment

When my husband and I were considering where to relocate and start our family, seeing the beautiful and welcoming landscape from the Delaware Water Gap onward helped to make our final decision.

The Poconos attracts visitors from around the world, due in large part to our beautiful lands, inviting rivers and watersheds, and lush green forestry. “There are nearly 83,000 miles of rivers and streams in Pennsylvania with approximately 900 miles here in Monroe County. Nearly all the streams in Monroe County are designated by the state as being of High Quality (HQ) or Exceptional Value (EV). These designations mean that these waters deserve “special protection” to maintain their present condition. In fact, of the 83,000 miles of streams in PA, only 2% are classified as EV, and 80% of those EV streams are here in the Monroe, Pike, and Wayne County portions of the Poconos.” [1]

We must do our part as guardians of the earth to ensure a healthy and thriving environment for future generations.

If elected, I will support efforts to maintain the beauty of Monroe and Pike Counties and support thoughtful solutions like Monroe County Conservation District’s plan for Watershed Protection and the Brodhead Watershed Association’s Plan for Clean Water.