Healthcare & CHIP for Kids

Over 180,000 children rely on the CHIP program for their healthcare in Pensylvania. As of today, Congress has only approved funding for CHIP until March of 2018. Leaving healthcare for millions of children across the nation including Pennsylvania is unacceptable and unconscionable.

Last year, approximately 426,000 Pennsylvanians were enrolled or re-enrolled in the ACA. Under the ACA, more than 51,000 Pennsylvanians have access to substance use disorder treatment through coverage obtained through the federal marketplace. [1] 124,000 Pennsylvanians who receive coverage through the Medicaid expansion have been able to access substance use disorder treatment since 2015. [2] Uncompensated care in Pennsylvania was reduced by approximately $280 million in 2016 because of Medicaid expansion, strengthening our hospitals. [3]

If elected, I will fiercely fight to protect existing healthcare for children and adults in Pennsylvania, and support efforts to provide healthcare for all through single-payer or Medicare for all.


2. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services