Heroin & Opioid Addiction and Medicaid Funding

The heroin and opioid problem in Monroe and Pike Counties has become a crisis and is well-known throughout the community. As a citizen, I organized and hosted “Fighting for Life: Combating Heroin and Opioid Abuse in the Poconos” which was aired on PCN TV in October of 2017. My hopes were to engage the community and give them a chance to share their stories and frustrations, and I successfully did that.

Plans for a second “Fighting for Life” forum are in the works for early 2018 due to requests from families that are in crisis.

The best chance for heroin and opioid addicts begins with impatient treatment and counseling/therapy. It’s expensive. Cuts to Medicaid and placing work requirements for health benefits on people with addiction only exacerbate the problems we face. Drug users are not considered to be disabled as defined by the state of Pennsylvania [1], and as a result would not fall under any exemption from working for Medicaid benefits as desired by the current Republican majority.

If elected, I will fight for adequate funding to assist the Carbon Pike Monroe County Drug Commission and others like it to help our neighbors fighting the deadly battle of addiction, and provide additional resources for the loved ones caring for children of the addicted. My door will always be open to those who need help, and I will do whatever I can to help as your State Representative.

1. http://www.oa.pa.gov/Policies/md/Documents/205_25.pdf